Care and Feeding of a Humidor

On first use, use a clean towel wet with DISTILLED WATER to wipe down the sides and the tray.

Use a 50% Propylene Glycol / 50% distilled water solution to fill the humidifier.
This will coat the walls inside helping to keep 70% humidity and it will help keep fungus and molds away.
This is available premixed in most stores that sell cigars usually called humidor solution.

You should only use DISTILLED WATER or Propylene Glycol solution to fill the humidifier.
Add fluid as needed, it should only need it every month or two, depending on how often it is open.

Open it every few weeks for a moment to cycle fresh air in.
This is not too important, but it can help the cigars age.

If you decide it needs cleaned, open it up and let it air dry, then wipe it out with distilled water and a clean cloth.
This will wipe the propylene glycol off the walls and usually take any odors away with it.
Let it dry again then start over with new foam in your credo and a fresh dose of PG solution.